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100 Words Per Day

In 2012 I resolved to publish two articles on this blog per week. As you would expect, I did okay in the beginning of the year and even had a couple of articles do well on Hacker News and one published on But relative to the goal, my performance was abysmal. Still, I started something.

This year, I’m going to try something a little different. 100 words per day. On the surface the hard part of this goal would seem to be the “per day” consistency required. But I believe the more difficult part is staying close to “100 words” per post.

Consider the Apple TV remote. My guess is that it took longer to design this than the average cable TV remote with with 50+ buttons and innumerable capabilities and features. I can’t change inputs on the TV, program the DVR, or adjust the volume, but my kids, parents and wife can use the Apple TV without a tutorial.

Like the Apple TV remote, it takes time and effort to simplify communications to the core message, and this is the reason I believe 100 words is the hardest part of this goal.

For those keeping score at home, this post is 210 words long.

Want to follow along? You can do that right here: @jaynathan.

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