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Prioritize shipping

I love Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror). Here’s an excerpt of a presentation he calls How to stop sucking and be awesome instead:


Innovative software product teams are prioritizing release engineering and the ability to rapidly iterate over any single feature in the backlog because ability to ship product faster means the cost of making a mistake goes down dramatically. And we all make mistakes. Ship again to resolve a bug, ship again to add missing features, ship again to improve usability, ship again to… you get it.

This mindset permeates every decision the team makes right down to the platforms they choose to build upon. Automation matters, ability to A/B test features matters, online deployment matters, and supporting all of this, an open ecosystem matters.

In a SaaS world rapid iteration is not negotiable. We need to learn from our users and respond to their needs in real time. Solid release vehicles are the mechanism by which this happens.

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