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Why I write code

As I’ve written previously, while my career started as a fulltime engineer, I’ve steadily drifted away from hands-on programming in my day job. I do, however, continue to write software in my spare time. I usually don’t get started until 8 or 9 at night after the kids are in bed (when I’m basically spent), and I don’t really accomplish all that much – 30-60 minutes a day does not world-class engineer make.

Like writing, though, I find coding therapeutic if not incredibly frustrating at times. I can get stuck on a bug or misunderstanding of a new JavaScript framework for days. But when I break through, my horizons are expanded and my brain feels like it’s been thoroughly exercised.

Coding also helps me in my day job, software product management. It’s a good reminder of the realities my engineering teams  face day to day.

Maybe one day I’ll get back to writing software fulltime; I’ve always feared losing those skills completely. For now it’s just a hobby and a secret weapon to be used only when the best inspiration for a product idea strikes.

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